Alcatraz electrified barriers

Innovative Palisade Bolt-on-system - High Security.


    Power-Barrier Palisade Fencing – Electrified or Standard

  • Power-Barrier (Palisade) – 2.4m high Electrified Dual-Palisade Voted - Best Security

  • Power-Barrier (Palisade) – 2m high Electrified with extended PostsVoted - Best buy

  • Fully Electrified (Palisade) – Energized with double ProtectionVoted – Top Security


   We manufacture a bolt together palisade system which has numerous advantages over the welded panel system:

  • Bolt-on Palisade fencing allows the terrain to be followed so that the fence is always close to ground level. Welded panel    palisade fences are often uneven when installed on sloping ground.
  • Bolt-on Palisade fencing is easily installed by semi-skilled staff as there is no welding on site.
  • Bolt-on Palisade fencing is easily transported to site.
  • The anti-vandal bolt and nut system ensure that the palings cannot easily be removed.
  • Sections of the fence can easily be replaced if damaged by falling trees, etc.

spiked palisade palisade cross member close up


   Cold Formed Palisade Fencing Manufacture and Distribution

   Mild Steel Palisade System.

   Standard Palisade Fences: - Welded Palisade

  • 40 x 40 x 2mm, Pales & cross bearers , 16 palings, spaced 120mm apart, Square Posts.

  • 40 x 40 x 2mm, 76mm Square Posts, Universal Painting, and 1000 colours


  • The panels are manufactured in a standard width of 3 000mm.
  • Narrower widths can be assembled by simply cutting the horizontal cross members (back arms) provided to suit.
  • There are 16 palings per panel.
  • When using the PREMIER palings (56mm cover width) the palings will be spaced 126mm apart (182 mm centre to centre)
  • When using the ECONO palings (40mm cover width) the palings will be spaced 142mm apart (182mm centre to centre)


  • The preferred PREMIER range palings are available in a 40 x 40 section which has a cover width of 56mm.
  • A narrower ECONO range paling is also available in a 30 x 30 section which has a cover width of 40mm.
  • Both the PREMIER and ECONO range is available in either a 3 or 7 spike option as shown below.


  • Pedestrian gates can be built into the main gate or separate.
  • The gaps between the palings on a 4x 40 paling gate are 123mm and on a 30 x 30 paling gate are 105mm.
  • 3,5m - 4,5m gates are wide enough for a car and 4,5m - 8,5m gates are wide enough for a truck


  • Posts are capped with a square domed post cap, which is welded onto a post.
  • To determine the amount of posts needed to go with your panels, add one more post to the amount of panels ordered.

Designed for Maximum security & provides the Ultimate protection

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